There are many police vehicles around the world. This includes motorcycles,cars,vans,trucks,boats,helicopters and even planes. But now with no one to drive,swim or fly them. How long will they last? 1 day after people.All over the world,the vehicles police officers once drove are empty.Some vehicles sirens are still on.But when the power go's out,they go with it.

50 years after people.The windows and sirens shatter during thunderstorms.

100 years after people.Regular police vehicles,like the motercycles and cars,rust over.But the more armored vehicles,such as vans and S.W.A.T trucks still sit.Meanwhile on top of the police departments helicopters still sit on there helipads. But 100 years after people the helicopters have rusted up a lot.

200 years after people.The vans and S.W.A.T trucks finally sucumb.And the helicopter rotors break down, making them unflyable.

1,000 years after people.The police vehicles are long gone.But the material that made the tires still lives on.

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