RB10 is a proposed 500-story high-rise building over Tokyo Bay in Japan, envisioned by Obayashi Corp. With a height of 2,001 metres (6,565 ft), the mammoth structure would have been approximately five times as high as the former World Trade Center in New York City.

RB10 was proposed in 1989, amid a spate of similar projects for incredibly large buildings. All were proposed during the Japanese asset price bubble, which ended in the early 1990s. According to a 1995 article, the corporation still had plans for the structure, and gave a proposed height of 2,079 metres (6,821 ft).

At the time it proposed RB10, Obayashi Corp also proposed building a city on the moon by 2050. Newspapers have reported little on either proposal since 1995.

60 Years after People: In Tokyo, the visionary RB10 is rusting. Greenery hasn't reached the top yet. It will be second tallest tower in Japan, after X-Seed 4000, also in Tokyo. The slanted roofs will make it popular. They could also collapse it.

75 Years after People: Greenery is in the middle area. Finally,the antenna punches through. One slanted roof at the top caves in. That one collapses another one. Soon, all of them collapse. The rest of the tower is now swaying in a cyclone. Finally, the tower's base fails and the tower crashes down.

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