The Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Cathedral is a huge, 246 foot tall, conical cathedral in Downtown Rio. Outside, the church bells are hung from a 175 foot tall concrete tower. The cathedral could seat about 20,000 people, but, without people how long with this cathedral last?

2 days after people: The once bright lights of Rio go out. The church plunges into darkness.

1 year after people: The cathedral is almost undamaged, only a few windows have broken and some small plants are growing on carpets inside, but that will soon change. Being in a tropical area, Rio gets about 48 inches of rain a year. A thunderstorm moves in. The winds blow out some of the stained glass, letting the rain pour in. The rain gets the furniture and carpets wet and mold starts to grow.

2 years after people: The blown out windows have allowed debris and seeds inside. Bigger plants are starting to grow. The skylight has been blown out and rain has poured in the broken skylight damaging the roof supports.

25 years after people: A rare hurricane is rolling in. The hurricane comes in, dumping rain on the city. The high winds blow out almost all the rest of the windows. The downpour of rain caused a flood in the city. With the water still rising past 8 feet, the cathedral is filling up.

100 years after people: 75 years of standing water has severely damaged the bell tower. Finally, one of the supports breaks and the bell tower falls into the water below.

300 years after people: The floodwaters have taken their toll on the cathedral. The concrete has broken and has become weak. Suddenly, a loud pop fills the air, the sound of cathedral's supports breaking. The cathedral tilts to the right, causing the top to break off, collapsing to the ground

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