Rupp Arena is an Arena Located in Downtown Lexington Kentucky U.S.A. Since it opened in 1976, it has been the Centerpiece of Lexington Center. A Convention and shopping Facility owned by an Arm of the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government. In a Life after people how long can it last.

1 Week After people: Power grid Fails in the Kentucky state. And the Rupp Arena's Power fails. Forever.

50 Years after people: Every Restaurant in the Rupp Arena has had all of it's Food rot completely. and the Vehicles shown inside the building has Deteriorated and/or Corroded. Apparently because this is a Modern building it wont be able to surpass other Earlier buildings like the Taj Mahal in India. But this structure will last another few Years. Just as long as the Roof holds itself up.

125 Years after people: All Restaurants and Stores inside the Rupp Arena are now Unrecognizable. In the Basketball Arena. instead of the Kentucky Wildcats team there are now Real Wildcats. But this structure is now on the Verge of Collapse. The Roof is unstable after years of Wind and Rain. Finally the Roof gives way and collapsed onto the Floors the 2nd Floor of the Rupp Arena collapses. Soon the Walls follow destroying any remains of the structure as another Storm Comes to Lexington.


Rupp Arena before people vanish

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