Russia tower fosters oct07 1

The Tower is covered in green and rust 50 years after humans dissapeared.

The Russia Tower is a cancelled building in Moscow, Russia towering a 2,008 ft. tall. If built, it would be the 2nd tallest building on the planet. But with the population of Moscow gone, how long will the tower last.

1 week: The lights glowing at the top of the Russia Tower finnaly start to fade as Moscow's power grid fails.

50 years: 50 years after people and the tower has now gone green. Plants invade the exterior as well as the outside walls. Spores coming from the top of the tower are landing across buildings around the city.

150 years: After 150 years of massive weight of soil and plant life on the floors, the come crashing down destroying the insides. But thanks to the tower's bracing, it survives only as an outer shell.

300 years: For 300 years, the Russia Tower has withstanded Moscows freeze-thaw cycles and the bracing has served it well but now, it's over. One of the sides gives way pulling down the middle column causing the other sides to come down with it.

5000 years: Its been 5 millinium since mankind dissapeared and now the site of the massive Russia Tower is now a garden.

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