Sacramento Zoo is a zoo in California.

1 day after people, the animals in the zoo are waiting for people to come to the zoo, but sadly, no one is around to watch them or take care of them.

1 week after people, all insects in the bughouse have died, so did reptiles and amphibians in the reptile house. Some animals such as giraffes, hyenas, addax, giant anteaters, and jaguars are starving, they have escaped, but will all of these animals survive?

1 year after people, Sacramento Zoo is now covered by plants, without anymore zoo animals in it.

5 years after people, Sacramento Zoo finally collapse, but is not yet destroyed without its final destruction.

25-75 years after people, the flood caused by a broken dam finishes off the decaying Sacramento Zoo.

1,000 years after people, all animals such as giraffes, addax, hyenas, giant anteaters, and jaguars have survived and have migrated to the open grasslands and forests of California.

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