Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is a large Catholic church currently under construction, since 1882. the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in November 2010 was consecrated and proclaimed a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI.How long before Spain looses one of it's most famous churches?

50 Years After People: The Sagrada Familia Cathedral still stand but the problem isn't with the church itself, but with the cranes above her. Then, when a severe storm struck, the powerful winds set the cranes crashing, one after another, on the ground. But one of her crashes into the church, destroying some of the walls.

500 Years after people: A lightning strike set off a fire in the interior, however, it lasts for 2 Days.

1900 Years after people: A Nineteen Century neglect made the Sagrada Famlila weakish, floods causes the church to weaken it supports and then, the cathedral's Passion facade falls into the Mediterranean Sea and breakes apart.


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