SCP-1336 is a fictional piece of paper with dots on it that move and form images. If it was real, how long would it and it's vault last?

1 Day Power goes out. Video cameras break. However, SCP-1336 is in a protective case, like the Declaration of Independence.

1 Month Dots begin to make patterns of plants and animals more often.

5 Years A section of the wall breaks, and grass spill in covering the floor. Video cameras drop down, and the sunlight begins to erode SCP-1336.

15 Years The case breaks, and SCP-1336 tears and loses the dots due to sunlight, then is covered in grass. The vault collapses causing SCP-1336 to be stuck between the grass and the ceiling. Also, the vault's walls are done for. The SCP-1336 room is no more. And also, the same with SCP-1336 itself

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