1 hour after people, underground at Seattle's now abandoned airport, Electric people-movers run entirely by

The tram glides to a stop........

computer and programmed through a network not to crash, still move through the empty airport, the only thing moving in the airport are these trains.

1 month after people, The Seattle power grid has finally powered-down, however the programmed command system, telling which stop the tram is at, will continue to run on battery power.

5 weeks after people: The command system finally loses its power leaving the airport silent.

1 year after people: On the runways the tarmac is cracking as grasses grow. While at the central terminal the once hustle of passengers has stopped but the huge glass panels could be a huge downfall for the terminal.

20 years after people: The runways are completly covered in grasses while the rusting planes continue to corrode. In the central terminal the glass panels have held back the Seattle weather for 20 years. But now during Seattle's rainstorms, high wind and rain cause the glass panels to break and the terminal is ravaged with flooding.

100 years after people: Like LA's City Airport, two buildings only remain, The control tower and the central terminal. But the weakening control tower finally gives way smashing on to the central terminal destroying the underground trains and whole terminal. Seattle has lost its airport to mother nature.

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