The original Six Armenia World Trade Center is a 101 storey, 432 m (1,417 ft) supertall skyscraper under construction in Yerevan, Armenia. While originally scheduled for completion in 2012, as of January 2013 it is still under construction and the completion is now expected by the end of 2013, and opening in 2014. How long can it last?

1 Day after People: Yerevan blacks out as the glowing lights of Yerevan are never to be seen again.

6 Months after People: A pipe nearby the tower ruptures causing little damage.

5 Years after People: Palm trees and canopies dominate the 40 to 60th floors. Parakeets and parrots create nests on the steel frame. And exotic animals take hold of the tower.

15 Years after People: Because it is in a humid climate of Yerevan, the tower has already began to show signs of rust and stress near the top of the building where the steel is visible.

50 Years after People: The windows of the original Six Armenia World Trade Center start to lose their color making the tower look hideous.

60 Years after People: A massive hurricane strikes blowing its windows and insides out.

75 Years after People: Nork Hill, the site of the skyscraper, has sunk beneath the waves, flood water has rotted the foundation of the original Six Armenia World Trade Center, causing the skyscraper to collapse in a similar way as the Obelisk of Buenos Aires into the Hrazdan River.

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