The Sky Tower is an observation and telecommunications tower in Auckland, New Zealand. At over 300 meters tall, it is the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Now,with  people gone, how long will New Zealand's tallest structure and the country's only revolving restaurant last?

2 days after people: When the power fails, the restaurant stops spinning. The structure is part of the SKYCITY Aukland casino complex. Now,the casinos are dark.

50 years after people: The glass flooring inside one of the observation decks falls onto the street. Eventually, the rest falls.

150 years after people:The once revolving floor finally cracks in half,then crashes through everything under it. It hits the ground, causind the walls to fall. The whole observation pod slides down the pole and droops its way to the ground. When it hits the ground, it severly damages the base of the column. The column collapses, leaving Sydney's Centrepoint Tower the king of not only Oceania. but of the Southern Hemisphere.

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