The Statue of Zeus was a statue of the greek god Zeus, said to be located
Statue of Zeus

The restored statue of Zeus in the Hermitage museum.

on Mount Olympus in Greece. The statue doesn't exist today, but it counts as one of the Wonders of the Ancient World. The 43 feet tall statue was belived to be placed in the middle of a temple on Olympus. How the statue was destroyed is unkown, but some sorces claim it was moved to Constantinople in the 11th century, were it was destroyed in a fire. But if the statue and the temple still rested on top of Mount Olympus today, what would be it's fate?

1000 Years after People: The statue of Zeus is still resting on top of Mount Olympus, without it's main enemies: fire and humans. The statue is made of marble and bronze, two weary solid materials, but the bronze has turned green over the years. An earthquake strikes Greece 1000 years after people, and the colums in the temple around Zeus cracks and fall down, bringing the roof down. Hovewer, sources claim that there was no roof over the statue, so if it's lucy, the statue may outlast the temple. If so, it will get buried over the years. But the statue may most likely be crushed by debrise from the temple.

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