1 day after people: There are no more conductors to run the subways all over the world. Now they lay silent.When power goes out all over the world the lights that led the subways through the dark tunnels go out. How long will these tunnels protect the subway trains?We shall see.

20 years after people: Plant life has reached the trains,even though the trains seem enclosed. In every subway there have to be stairways and ventilation shafts leading inside. Now plants start to choke the columns holding up the concrete.

50 years after people: The subway network of Los Angeles collapses during an earthquake. Many others collapse due to flood damage, including those in Washington D.C, New York City, London and Sydney.

150 years after people: The columns holding up the last subways in the world finally crumble.The street caves in,destroying the trains. The last one to collapse is the subway network of St.Louis.

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