The Taft Museum of Arts is a famous museum in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. It was founded and established in 1820 and is a historic building holding an fine art collection in Ohio. It is one on the National Register of historic places in Ohio listings in Downtown Cincinnati. It is also famous for people to get married. But without people how long before this historic sight follows most of the world structures fate?

1 Day after people: Power fails along the Cincinnati coast followed by the rest of Ohio. The Taft Museum's power fails forever. Air conditioning slow to a halt and the heat begins to rise.

30 Years after people: Vines have already begun to spread to the buildings top. Including the interior, paint already begins to rot and corrode. But the structure will hold up for another few decades, not because this is one of the most earliest structures in America. The Taft Museum of Arts could be the last of Cincinnati buildings. But for now the building remains, just as long as the roof stays stable.

300 Years after people: Almost all Cincinnati structures have met their fate that have brought them to their knees, but only a few remains of structures remain, but one structure is still recognizable in Cincinnati. The Taft Museum of Arts has gone green but still stands. But not for long, the roof has collapsed a few centuries ago and paint has rotted long ago. The furniture and the floors have deteriorated and corroded. Finally one part of the structure gives up the fight. Parts of the pillars that stand at the front of the building collapses, minutes later the rest of the structure collapses. The Taft Museum of Arts has collapsed, however it is lucky enough to be the last standing.

Taft Museum of Arts once people vanish

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