Corroded iron

The corrosion of the Tappan Zee Bridge gets worse after 215 years

The Tappan Zee Bridge is a bridge connecting from the north outskirts of New Jersey to the north outskirts of New York City. Unfortunately, its stainless iron bars are already suffering from corrosion, and nearly everyday, it is packed with lots and lots of traffic congestion. In a life after people, how long until the corrosion gets worse?

1 second after people: The cranes stop working on the new Tappan Zee Bridge. The traffic that bustles through the bridge come to a sudden halt.

1 day after people: The power grid has failed. The bridge is now dark, but it still remains.

100 years after people: The measurement bars next to the Tappan Zee Bridge are finally about to fall. The Hudson River has usually been less harmful to the bars, thanks to what happened in the time of humans. Man kept the bars in good shape by adding a foundation base. Now, it gets so corroded, the corroded base starts to break even it is too weak. The bars plummet down onto the bridge's roadway and some cars fall down in the process. But the iron bar tower holding the other roadway is still safe.

215 years after people: Tappan Zee is starting to meet its final fate. Despise the fact it lasts 15 years longer than London's Tower Bridge, and 115 years longer than New York's other bridges, the Tappan Zee Bridge's supports for the tower has their foundations rotted also by the Hudson River, allowing both sides of the tower to lean. As the lean increases, the iron buckles, and falls into the river. Then the roadway slips in, along with the completely rusted-up cars, the tower collides into itself, and finally, all of Tappan Zee's work on the bridge is gone, and since man is out the picture, the only thing replacing the bridge, is a blank, pile of rubble and destroyed pieces of traffic-packed cars underwater that was once the long lasting Tappan Zee Bridge.

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