The Arch is a 750 foot tall residential building built in 2005 in the Kowloon District of Hong Kong, China. It is notable because of the large hole in the lower portion of the building. The building looks like it was built for the ages, but will it last in a life after people?

1 day after people: As the power fails across the world, the Arch fades into the darkness of Hong Kong.

1 year after people: Because Hong Kong's climate is hot and wet all year, plant growth accelerates. Vines and tropical plants already infiltrate the lobby and lower floors of the building. Hong Kong was built close to the South China Sea, so not only is the air full of salt, but it puts the city at risk for typhoons. That could lead to the building's demise in the future.

10 years after people: Glass on the building starts to break, showering the area below in glass. As the windows break, rain and salt begin entering the building, which could lead to problems later.

25 years after people: A typhoon is moving toward Hong Kong. 25 years of weathering have damaged the structure. Granite panels on the outside have fallen away from the building and more windows have broken. The typhoon hits Hong Kong destroying houses and small stores. The Arch takes a direct hit. Almost all the windows in the building are blown out and the ground floor is flooded.

75 years after people: 75 years of neglect have taken a massive toll on the building. The salty waters of the ocean severely damaged the supporting columns. Finally, one of the towers smashes through into the lobby, severing the connection between the towers. The other tower is pulled down into what remains of the building. The Arch is no more.

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