Arch of Reunification

1 Day After People: In the desolate city of Pyongyang North Korea, a large symbol of hope still rises over the communist region of North Korea.

The Arch of Reunification. In the time of humans, few dared to oppose fierce communist leader Kim Jong il and his son, who ruled North Korea with an iron grip and killed people for minor accidents that could threaten his reign of power and cruelty over the 50 million people of North Korea. His poor treatment of the people led to a drop of technological advancement from starvation. But the arch is a marvel. Because unlike most buildings constructed of cheap materials, this one was made of regular concrete without reinforcing bars. How long will this beacon of hope continue to grace the skyline of the hermit kingdom?

1 Year After People: The arch of reunification still holds its granite map high above the greenery now climbing up the two women supporting it. The two ginormous women represent the north and south as one. But now, the robes of green cover the traditional hanbok dresses. Yet the arch still stands, at least for now....

5 Years After People: The thin layers of dirt blow through the streets of Pyongyang, coating the murals of happy workers and the hope of a better tomorrow. The arch still stands strong. But silent. In the time of humans, thousands of propaganda speeches were on loop, echoing unrelentingly for months on end. But now, as the supercharged imported batteries, the strong female voice wavers, dips, and finally cuts out. Silencing the city to rest in pieces.

50 Years After People: In Pyongyang, the collapses begin early. Mostly because of cost cutting methods. But the arch, the robes of green root to the woman's skeletons, chipping the delicate detail carved by workers who are long gone.

110 Years After People: The Showcase capital is losing it's luster. After over a century, the Arch is beginning it's final march to oblivion, from an Unlikely source. In the time of humans, a mixture of Acid and Whitewash kept the monument in glistening condition for any Rare Tourists. But this had a toll on the buildings this was used on. But now, the mixture meant to make the Statue last is eating away at the concrete.

160 Years After People: The Acidic Whitewash has made the women in the Arch of Reunification look in desperate need of a day at the spa. Ginormous holes are very much visible through the dying greenery. They have, for over 160 years, remained a pinnacle of the skyline. But now, the Arch is really all that remains. Until Now. A large gust of wind gives the Arch a final push. The Northern Woman falls first, head and shoulders crumbling under weight that can no longer be bared. The Granite Map, unable to hold up, falls next. And Lastly, the Woman from the Souths Arms break off with the Map, burying it under thousands of pounds of Concrete.

200 Years After People: The Woman of the South falls, Burying the Highway of Reunification.

500 Years After People: After 500 years, little to no trace remains of either side. Including the DMZ, a strait that divided the two countries. After half a millennium, the mines have been set off, the barbed wire rusted away, and the wall crumbled. The two countries are now reunited. Something they never did with humans, but have done now, In a Life After People

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