The bow is a 58 floored skyscraper in Calgary,Canada.It will soon be beaten by Brookfield place,a building under construction.But will the Bow beat the building in a life after people?

1 month after people:The 3 sky gardens die off as there is no one to water the plants.The food at the second floor continyes to rot and get eaten by insects.

10 years after people:Snow begins to pile on the sky bridge.In the time of humans, the sky bridge was a series of bridges that connected skyscrapers in the downtown.You could even walk 15 km on them without touching the ground.But now,the bridge can not hold it and collapses.

40 years after people:The next few windows start falling to the ground.The sky garden is dead and the Tim hortons begins to deteriorate.A few top floors fall and collapse.

50 years after people:The bow's windows freeze up and break during a freeze-thaw event.The dampened floor gives way after five decades of cold winters and hot summers.Suddenly,Brookfield place tips over,Damaging and destroying parts of the exterior before scraping the side of the bow and completely falls.

75 years after people:Many years of damage by snow and rust has ruined the Bow.What will collapse it?Sooner or later in the year the year,The foundation gets washed away when the bow river Overflows.The Building sinks into the ground and collapses on itself.Now the Telus sky,Another "in progress" building is new the tallest building in Calgary.

100 years after people:The bottom few floors that survived finally collapse.

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