The National Grid is what carries the electricty across the United Kingdom. Set up in 1926, the system turns the voltage up from a power station at a step up transformer traveling a long plyons which carry the electricity to a substation or step down transformer which reduces the electricity to levels suitable for applicanes. But if left alone how long can the National Grid last without people?

1 day after people: At power stations across the country there's a problem. The lack of coal to fossil fuel plants causes them to shut down causing one huge balckout across the country. But at nuclear plants they have gone in to safe mode for now.

3 days after people: The diesel generators at nuclear power plants finally fail causing the uranium rods in the cooling pools to evaporate the water. Now radioactive waste encircles local areas destroying wildlife and devasating ecosystems.

5 years after people: The uranium rods continue to release radioactive waste. But the step up transformers across the country have not been used in 5 years. But at one fossil fuel plant the wires have degraded and one of them sparks causing the transformer to explode. The resulting explosion cause the plant to set a light. The fire last for days before being exhausted by heavy rain.

40 years after people: The nuclear waste has finally stopped allowing ecosystems to recover slowly.

100 years after people: The pylons across the country have been corroding for a century but as one of the plyons legs fail it causes a domino effect as other plyomns are pulled down. This occurs all across the country.

175 years after people: There are very few power stations still standing across Britain. But at the last nulcear plant, plants have been crawling up it for over a century. Finally the pull of vines causes one cooling tower to collaspe leaving Britain's dominace over the atom gone forever.

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