The Parthenon before people

The Parthenon Is a Ancient structure in Acropolis Greece, Dedicated to the Ancient goddess Athena, Whom the Ancient people of Athens considered their Patron. The construction began in Year 447 B.C. when the Athenian Empire was at the peak of it's power. In a life after people the Parthenon will be with it's old Athenian master No longer. How long does this structure last

1 Day after people: The Parthenon no longer has Tourist's coming towards it. And like St. Basil's Cathedral and the Sistine chapel. The disappearence is actually preserving the Parthenon. But will a life without people actually preserve it to endure for Millions of years to come. we shall see

500 Years after people: The Parthenon still stands while most structures crumble. Because nobody is around to make it on it's last legs, the Parthenon still sits like nothing has happened for century's it even surpassed the destruction of the Old City hall of Mytilene but will it last longer then any other Ancient and Modern Greek structures. Possibly this structure could be the last out of all structures in the world. But is it lucky enough to survive without man. We shall see

1 Million years after people: The Parthenon Suprisingly still stands long after structures such as the Hoover Dam the Thinker and the Albert Einstein Memorial have Vanished from the face of the earth. The Parthenon remains in Greece. How could this be possible? The structure is one of the most oldest Ancient structures on the earth. And also the most preservable building. So The Parthenon will live on as a Famous Greek structure, following the trip with the Washington Monument the NORAD Cheyenne Sight and the Federal Reserve Gold Vault on a trip Called the last of man made structures. The Voyager 1 Also survives a Million years, but soon a Meteorite or a comet will bring it down some year

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