The Space Elevator is a hypothetical structure that would reach up over 60,000 miles,it's base still on the earth.It would be so tall it would reach up into space,where people could see outer space in the observation pod at the top.But in a life after people, how long can it last?

1 day after people: As the power goes out, the tower goes dark.

10,000 years after people:The base is made of solid stone,limestone,and covered in feet of bronze,nickel,and silver.The rest is solid bronze,gold,silver,and 5 feet thick of limestone.Up in space,the structure looks almost as if people are still cleaning it.But trouble is up in space,too.An asteroid whirls by Earth.It smashes into the base,destroying it.The tower sways,then collapses.It takes 2 hours for the observation pod to hit the ground.

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