100 years after people:In Las Vegas,the hotels of the great Las Vegas Strip are falling apart.The MGM Grand Hotel will be first to go.At 6,852 rooms,it has more rooms then any other hotel in the Strip.But the rooms have fallen apart.Now,the rest of the hotel collapses.But without hardly any water,the steel structures will survive the longest,like the Luxor Las Vegas hotel.The oldest hotel on the strip,the Flamingo Hotel,was opened in 1946.It has survived for almost 75 years with people.It will last until 100 years without them.It finally collapses.Now,the great cascade of hotels begins.Circus Circus Las Vegas is first.The main tent caves in,and then the rest of the hotel collapses.Paris Las Vegas'buildings collapse,one by one.But the tallest buildings in the strip will destroy the smaller ones.The VDara Hotel collapses,destroying four other hotels.The Pallazo and The Mirage collapse,destroying Treasure Island,The Imperial Palace,Monte Carlo,Encore,and Mandarin Oriental.Those hotels collapse onto Casino Royale Hotel and Casino,Bill's Gamblin' Hall,The Harmon,and Tropicana.New York-New York's buildings also collapse one by one.Riviera collapses onto Harrah's Hotel,causing a cascade of collapses throughout the Las Vegas Strip.

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The strip after people.

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