The Rover is a machine on mars it moves around to look for anything that could lead to alien life existing on Mars but how long can it last on the 4th planet in the solar system

1 Day after people its still going around looking Around planet Mars but one day without humans has caused it to shut down and wont move again... At least not yet

1,000 years after people The rover is almost being buried due to Mars weather and sandstorms but it has not corroded beacause corrosion dosent happen on Mars

10,000 years After people being half buried it is Starting to move about due to sandstorm winds

1,000,000 years after people The rover is now buried under layers of Mars dust

1,000,000,000 years after people the Rover has outlasted Anything that was built on Earth or satelites in space but now 1 Billion years it finally starts to Move like a Mad Man due to a stong Mars sandstorms hitting a rock smashes it

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