After 1 day the beating heart of New York in still beating due to the power grid hasn't failed yet due to fossil fuel is still in the tanks buurning and giving makeing power.

After 2 days without people, the New York City power grids fails due to the fossil fuel has finished burnning. the beating heart now takes its final beat. then Times Square is plunged into permanent darkness, However the Ricoh sign, powered totally by wind and solar remains a light in the darkness.

After 4 years, the Ricoh sign finally goes dark when the light-bulbs burn out.

150 years after people has taken its toll on the main tower:a 4-screen tower of glass and metal. The glass cracking echos through the square.Then the metal skeleton collapses straight into the ground. But the streets and a bunch of buildings still stand.

After 2,000 years, Times Square has changed completely and is now unrecognizable, Times Square has become a meadow with trees and a river flowing through it.

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