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The RMS Titanic was considered the best ship ever built when it was finished the 2nd of April 1912, but it sank during it's maiden voyage less than two weeks later, the 15th of April, after striking an ice berg. More than 1,500 people died in the sinking, which took place outside the American coast. The wreckage still lies at the bottom of the Atlantic, but can it prove to be a ticking time capsule at the ocean floor?

50 Years after People: Even though people thought the wreck of Titanic could survive at the bottom of the sea for centuries, that proved to be quite untrue. In the time of humans, scientists discovered an iron-eating bacteria that had attacked the hull and rusted it in an alraming rate. Furthermore, since the wreck was discovered in 1985, numerous expeditions had damaged the wreck even further. Yet, even after fifty years without humans, the ocean bottom has still rusted the already damaged wreck to the point of disintegration. All that remains of the RMS Titanic are some durable pieces of interior and an unrecognizable heap of rust.

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