Toronto is a city in Ontario,Canada.It is the largest city in Canada.What will happen to it?

1 day after people:The CN tower, Canada's tallest structure Blacks out in around 10 seconds as power cuts off in Toronto.The Scotia centre, with its Giant black triangle thing darks out.Toronto city hall is not one but 2 buildings.The old one and the newer building. Which one will survive?Meanwhile,The food in Tim Hortons begin to rot and get consumed by Beers, Raccoons, Bacteria, ETC.

two days after people: Sewage and water pipes flood areas with a lower elevation, as well as damage a few structures like small houses.A few feet underground, the subway floods, submerging the trains and the subway will start to corrode.

6 months after people:The winter is coming again to wreck havoc on Canada.But this is normal.In the time of people (Canadians more specified) Man would shovel away snow whenever people thought a big storm was coming.But now,A medium sized Ice Chunk slams into the CN tower, Scraping off some of the elevator and concrete.Sections of the city turn into a Post-apocalyptic Moscow.

5 years after people:The flooded city starts to go green as pines and vines start to climb on the city's more than 2000 high rises.Windows fall off Scotia plaza, the BMO building and the CN tower.

50 years after people: Condos, the Most common of tall buildings in Toronto begin falling apart.

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Toronto's city halls after 125 years.

70 years after people: The arches of new city hall have collapsed by now.Suddenly, One of the towers fall, Smashing into the other.Toronto city hall pulls itself apart as the dome caves in.Due to corrosion,The elevators at the CN tower falls at 175 miles per hour, slamming to the ground.

100 years after people:The BMO centre, like the JPmorgan building in Houston,TX is stripped to its inner frame.Parts of the exterior that survived 100 years will become part of a much bigger collapse.Part of the antenna on the CN tower slides off during a windstorm.

125 years after people:The last Tim Horton's in Canada is in Dire straits.Literally.Many years of water damage and snow damage and plant growth has left in ruins.The weight of Oak trees on the roof becomes too much and it collapses.A small floor collapse in the Scotia centre leads to the whole Skyscraper crumbling in pieces, hitting and slamming into the ground like meteors.

200 years after people:The BMO centre AKA the first Canadian place is on verge of collapse.The building then slides into another building before collapsing onto the ground.The Trump tower Toronto Is also In danger of collapsing.A Large storm Collapses the Spire.The storm then starts to make hail.The last few windows break and soon a section collapses and the building pancakes to the ground.

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