Torrance, CA is a suburb of Los Angeles. How long can it last?

1 day after people Power fails.

10 years after people Most houses collapse.

25 years after people The gardens of West Torrance begin to take over, books at the Torrance Library begin to get wet from rain.

35 years after people 9/10 books in town are destroyed, Pacific floods neaby Redondo Beach and hits westernmost part of Torrance.

50 years after people It's garden vs ocean in West Torrance. 405, 91 and 110 freeways all collapse in some areas.

100 years after people Torrance Library collapses, garden loses to ocean. Floods reach Crenshaw. Rest of freeway collapses.

250 years after people Floods reach Western, Del Amo Fashion Center's food has long since spoiled and the Fashion Center's sign falls over.

400 years after people Finally, only two buildings survive. The Fashion Center and The Pizza Hut at Anza and Del Amo. The Pizza Hut finally collapses when the sign crashes straight inside. The Fashion Center is still there.

750 years after people The Fashion Center finally collapses when the food bridge falls down, and Macy's crashes into the rest.

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