The Torre Latinoamericana is an 184 M tall building, highly recognized internationally for its extremely dangerous location (earthquakes), and being so resistant on the 8.1 Richer Scale, 1985 Mexican Earthquake, not suffering any damages. However, without humans to protect this Tower, how much can it last?

70 Years After People: Torre Latinoamericana has started to corrode around because of the old Lake Texcoco returning into the city, and all buildings around it just collapsed, but the building resisted all of these collapses, suffering very minor damages.

125 Years After People: Mexico City's Skyline is only composed of this Building and Torre Mayor, because all the remain collapsed due to corrosion and Earthquakes.

175 Years After People: Torre Latinoamericana has weakened alot after nearly 2 Centuries. an 7.2 Ritcher Scale Earthquake strikes the City, making the building to Collapse into the lake below. This tower is no more.
Torre Latinoamericana Mexico City

Torre Latinoamericana before Humans Dissapeared.

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