Tower of London before life after people continues

The Tower of London is a castle in London.It has four small towers, one on each corner. How long will this world-famous castle survive on its own?

100 years after people: The land around it floods and reverts to swamp. It sinks a few feet in to the ground, but still bravely and successfully holds out.

1000 years after people: Though most buildings have collapsed,the Tower of London still stands. Even the Colloseum in Rome collapses. Could some cites of the world have at least one structure still recognizable as a building? We shall see.

10,000 years after people: Despite the neglect, the Tower of London refuses to fall down.Even its friend,the Hoover Dam, has given up. Some structures, such as the Jubilee Church and Washington Monument, are also trying to stay up.

Finally,after 10,000 years without maintenance, the Tower of London's towers fall inside. The walls cave in as well.This castle is a folded up pyramid.

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