The UAV (Unmaned Arieal Vehicle), is a type of vehicle that can fly without a pilot inside. Most countries of the world are nown for having them, but the US an NATO is mostly nown for the usage of these vehicles such as (MQ-9 reaper or MQ-8b fire scout). But now how long will these UAVs last in a life after people?

1 day after people: Around the world the military UAVs that once patroled the sky, are no longer usebul.

5 years after people: At some bases, the UAVs that have flares inside of off them. the flare launching system fails and flares are relased. Creating a fire that reatches the missles and thus destroying the UAVs. But for those who didn't have UAV's inside of them, how long will these last?

50 years after people: At a huge rusted vehicle dump, that once used to be a air force base. the UAVs are almost fully rusted.

300 years after people: Some UAVs are starting to fall a part. Meanwhile in desert air base the UAVs even thought pretty rusted and beread in the sand, are still perfictly intact. They might even be the last UAVs that could survive life after people.

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