In the capitol city of Boise,Idaho lies 2 buildings in the same place;the US Bank Tower,the tallest building in the city AND the state,and the Idaho State Capitol,the tallest domed building in the city and state.How long will the Idaho State Capitol be safe by the enemy right by it?

1 day after people.The power goes out.On the top of the US Bank Tower,the sign the reads the US Bank logo goes blank.The dome on the state capitol turns from light to dark.It's the same for the rest of the city.

10 years after people.The US Bank Tower and Idaho State Capitol are covered in greenery.So is the road that once lead to them.The street sign soon falls.

100 years after people.The US Bank Tower?It still stands.The ID State Capitol?Not so much.The dome is being pushed to the limit by all those plants on the dome.When a rainstorm comes,the dome is giiven one final push.It finally caves in.Eventually,plant life starts to choke the interior.

150 years after people.Amazingly,the US Bank Tower still stands.But the columns that hold it up finally fail,and the tallest building in Idaho comes crashing down.It falls onto what's left of the ID State Capitol.But in LA,the US Bank Tower there stands for another 450 years.

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