The United Arab Emirates Tower is a supertall skyscraper being built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At more than 3,300 ft, can it keep its title in the humid city in a life after people?

3 Days after people: Dubai's power grid fails as it takes 15 seconds for the United Arab Emirates Tower to darken.

65 Years after people: The Skydeck which amazed visitors with its views is barely standing. With only one massive steel bar holding up the Skydeck in Dubai's humid climate, the Skydeck plummets into the abandoned city.

75 Years after people: The United Arab Emirates Tower is barely standing. The humidity of the city has shredded the skyscraper into the inner layers. The spire finally gives way collapsing downward onto the building. The tallest building on the planet gives the title to the Shard again.

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