The Parthenon

The Parthenon

The Parthenon is a temple ruins in Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The temple overlooks the city below from the Acropolis mountain along with the other ruins of temples that once was the glory of the ancient Greek civilization. The Parthenon was built in 438BC and used as a temple to the goddess Athena, but it was turned into a mosque after the Ottomans conqured Athens in the early 1460s. On 26nd September 1687, ottoman ammunition inside the temple was ingnited by Venician bombardment and the explosion destroyed most of the sculptures and buildings in Acropolis, leaving The Parthenon as a hollow skeleton. Today, it's Athens most famous structure and one of the last records of ancient greek architecture. But can it endure in it's weakened condition?

1000 Years after People: In Athens, The Parthenon is still resting on the Acropolis, but as good as entire Athens no longer exists. Some colums of the temple has crumbled, and plants now dominate the height, but it's still there. An earthquake strikes the Mediterranian at full strenght, and the weakened colums cracks and crumbles, and the entire ruin collapses in a cloud of dust. In Rome, the same earthquake triggers the collapse of the Colosseum.

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