The Aon Center is a tower in Los Angeles(not the one in Chicago).It is the 2nd tallest building in Los Angeles.Los Angeles,however,is a death zone,for it is vulnerable to earthquakes AND wildfires.And since Los Angeles is a coastal city,earthquakes can easily cause a tsunami.This tower is in danger.In 1988,a fire started on the 12th floor,destroying 5 floors,injuring 40 people,and left 1 worker dead.Repair took 4 months and costed $50,000 in damage.Could the same happen again,only this time costing WAY more than $50,000 and no one to put out the fire?

15 years after people.A fire turns LA into a burning inferno.The glass of the Aon Center,which there is a whole lot of,is destroyed,leaving the building a hollow rectangle with no walls.

50 years after people.Even though the Aon Center thinks the worst is over,the Big One,an earthquake measuring 8.0,hits Los Angeles.The Aon Center's charred steel skeleton gives out,and the HQ of Aon Corporation comes crashing down.It is outlived by the tallest building in California,the US Bank Tower.

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