The Field Museum is a natural history museum in Chicago. It contain several human and animal artifacts, and one of the best T.rex fossils, Sue. How long will it last?

20 years after people: Storm winds from openings in the museum knock down most fossils, but Sue, due to its large size and supports, stays up, despite mineral deposits. The storm floods the inside, but does not do that much damage.

30 years after people: The Brachiosaurus, already damaged from the storm, is knocked down in a now-seasonal  flood. The Tsavo man-eaters are devoured by insects, leaving only the supports,fake eyes, and partial skin. Sue's rusty supports pop out in the flood,and the mineral-encased skeleton falls, with the exception of the legs.They too pop out soon. The flying dioramas have long since fallen, and the elephant diorama soons follows after being carried out with the water. No artifacts remain, except for the building itself.

50 years after people: Although the roof has only lost one third of its strength, the generators and the garden now on top of them have gained weight, and the roof caves in. The force flattens the columns of the inside, leaving only a few walls of the museum.

55 years after people: A flood carries off any remaining walls,and the floor corrodes. The history has been lost.

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