The Gibraltar Super Bridge is a fantasy suspension bridge located in Gibraltar,Spain. If built it would higher than the Burj Khlaifa and would the tallest and longest bridge in the world. But how long can this fantasy bridge last for.

1 day after people: As power plants fail around the world the Gibraltar Bridge blacks out.

150 years after people: Along the bridge the huge hanger cables support the deck. But the strain of the deck has put to much pressure on the rusting cables. Finally the cables give way and the roadway falls over 300 ft into the ocean. Though the huge towers still stand.

250 years after people: The huge towers still stand across Spain. But the base of the towers has been subject to over 2 centuries of sea water. Finally one of the huge towers fails and starts a huge domino effect which collaspes the other towers. The worlds tallest bridge is no more.

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