2 Weeks after People: In zoos all across the world, there is no one to supply the rhinos with food massive amounts of food they need to feed themselves. Desperate for food, the rhinos, along with African and Asian elephants, lions, tigers, camels, zebras, ostriches and other exotic animals, break out of their pens. With the extinction of humans, the main predator of adult rhinos is gone, but will they be able to survive in the new wilderness?

The first Winter after People: Winter has come to the Northern Hemisphere. Both of the African species,White and Black rhinos, and both of the Asian species,Indian and Sumatran rhinos, of rhino have survived. However, a rhino's body is not designed to keep warm air in. Rhinos, along with African and Asian elephants, lions, and tigers, must migrate to southern latitudes or freeze to death. Carcasses of dead rhinos who could not migrate to warmer climates will provide a free meal for predators.

5 Years after People: After migrating to the warmer climate of the southern United States, rhinos, along with African and Asian elephants, lions, and tigers, still survive in the wild.

150 Years after People: The descendants of zoo rhinos still survive in the wild. Their herds, after being extinct in North America for 5 million years, now roam plains, pastures, forests, and swamps. Meanwhile, native populations in Africa and Asia have recovered, spreading into regions that they were once extinct in, and are no longer endangered animals.

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