The Wave Tower is a visionary 92 floor supertall skyscraper for the Madinat Al Arab district of Dubai Waterfront in Dubai, United Arab Emirates designed by the Spanish architecture firm A-cero. It is planned to be 370 meters (1,214 ft) tall and is designed to be a green energy building. It was planned to begin construction in late 2009.

It tries to create a dynamic way while a geometric shape rises and twists, like a wave, like the use in the bottom of the form of the pointed arch that extends as evoking waves of the sea, hence its name. It is covered with a double glass skin to control sunlight and with a white silk screened glass facade.

As beginning of 2013, no progress has been made.

1 Day after People: As Dubai's power grid fails, it takes 2 minutes for the whole tower to black out.

90 Years after People: A massive category 3 hurricane smashes through Dubai, destroying much of the tower's windows.

130 Years after People: All of the windows are gone as the tower is now a honeycombed husk.

200 Years after People: The Shard in London collapses but the Wave Tower still stands.

250 Years after People: The Burj Khalifa falls to the ground but causes no damage to the tower.

850 Years after People: An earthquake measuring 9.3 hits Dubai. The Dubai City Tower collapses but the Wave Tower suffers no damage.

100,000 Years after People: The Wave Tower stays because of a unknown strong material. It refuses to collapse for millions of years. Along with many other buildings, these will be the last marks of humanity.

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