HoustonCityHall DANIEL2986

can city hall win the war against nature?

Houston City Hall is the center of the government of the 4th largest city in the United States. meetings and laws are made here. but humans are no longer here,  Houston can't declare battle on nature but only it's City Hall. but can this city hall survive?

1 day: Houston blacks out and the sprinklers on the pond infront of City Hall have stopped.

25 years: City hall is surrounded with muck and weeds and the glass has lost its color.

70 years: the glass panels actually survive arough hurricane but it has weakended the galss and they fall onto the swampland below:

10,000 years after people: City Hall has won the war against nature, but how? the aluminum in the building is gone but City Hall has a plan. the outside was covered in Texas Cordova limestone, the lobbys walls wear made of marble, the gateways to the Tax Department are inlaid with bronze, nickel, and silver. the building is extrodinary as it will refuse to collapse for millions of years to come.

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