The Houston Metroline is the brother of the San Fransisco cable cars. The metroline is a series of busses that go around Houston that are supported by cables. How long until the metroline goes on another voyage?

1 day: As Houston is dark the busses' lights are still on because the engine is still roaring.

1 week: The engines finally runs out of gas and the cable cars go dark.

50 years: The cable cars have been wearing down for 5 decades but have still survived, although the wires that hold the busses up have spent the same time corroding and holding up thousands of pounds. The cables dont give way but the attachment to the cable car does and now busses run around Houston at 100 miles an hour. One starts aim at a building and collides with it. The building is taken down.

the Metroline never lets on another passenger as the engine dies.

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