The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall,or the Memorial Wall,is a wall in Washington D.C.It is made of gabbro,which is a type of rock.It contains a list of names of people who died in the Vietnam War.It is part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.The wall might last forever.It might not.

500 years after people.Although most of Washington D.C. has been destroyed,the Memorial Wall still stands.But the names listed on it have been erased.The floodwaters is what caused this to happen.Water carves through any type of rock.But the wall itself still stands,although it's black color is unrecognizable behind the plant life.

1,000 years after people.The Memorial Wall is now completely unrecognizable.Eventually a crack splits it.Then another.Then another.Soon large sections start falling onto the ground.Eventually the entire structure collapses.But small or flat sections float.Since Washington D.C. is almost completely underwater,the pieces float to the surface.These pieces and the small aluminum pyramid on top of the Washington Monument may be the last clearly recognizable parts left in our nation's capitol.

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