Western wall empty

The Western Wall one day after people

The Western Wall also known as the Wailing wall is the only standing remmanent of the Jewish second Temple in Jerusalem. It was among the buildings and walls built by Herod the Great during the refurbishment of the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount over two thousand years ago. It is a very holy place for Jews.

The Western survived the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD by the Romans, and remained standing while the Temple and other buildings were set on fire and collapsed. It remained standing during the crusades, during the first world war, the six day war and even when it was used as a rubbish dump by the Arabs. It has survived for over two thousand years but with people gone just how long can the wall last?

1 day after people the Western wall is still standing, prayers wrote on slips of paper and put into the cracks of the wall remain. The wall is safe for now.

10 years after people the wall still stands but the plants that grew around the wall are slowly chipping it away, but it still remains strong enough to survive at the moment.

1000 years after people most religious icons throughout the world have collapsed. The Muslim shrine known as the Dome of the Rock which stands on the Temple mount just a few feet from where the Western wall stands has already collapesed along with other holy places in Jerusalem but the Western wall still manages to endure, The Western wall is made up of limestone which can last a long time, tt lasts when it has no exposure to the surface of the earth or high amounts of rain water or acid. The top part of the wall is still strong but the the lower half is slowly starting to crumble. However even when parts of the wall collapses, some of the anicent stones will continue to stand and the Western Wall will continue to endure for many more years.

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