The Winchester Mystery House is a famous house in San Jose, California. It is famous for it's confusing entryways.It has a door called the Door to Nowhere on the second floor.Anyone who walks through it suffers a more-than-20-foot drop--to the ground. The house also has steps that lead to the ceiling and a glass door that lies on the floor(kind of looks like a glass,rectangle manhole). If someone stands on it it and it breaks,they'll end up falling onto the dining room table. How long will this last?

250 years after people.Although most houses have collapsed long ago,the Winchester House still stands. The stairs have long lead to the ground;they collapsed long ago. The Glass Door has long been nothing but splinters of glass,now on the floor since the table collapsed. The only thing left is the Door to Nowhere. But soon the hinges break,and it falls onto the ground,smashing on impact. The rest of the Winchester Mystery House follows.

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