The Ziegfeld Theater is a Single Screen Theater Located in Manhattan in New York City Nearby The Rockefeller center it played Movies like the Titanic,Jurassic World, And the Star Wars The force Awakens the World Breaking movie. In a life after people a Single Movie will have anything but People watching. How long does the Building Last

2 Days After People: New York's Power Grid Fails causing a massive Blackout, The Ziegfeld Theater's Lights go out, and that means the Power of the Movies on Screen fails. Forever

50 Years after people: The Ziegfeld Theater is already starting to Deteriorate and Corrode. Apparently because the Building is not a Modern Structure after completed and opened in the 1920's it will last longer than Most structures in New York city. But the waters here in New York are growing to flood the streets. But the Ziegfeld Theater still stands at least for now.

250 Years after people: Long after the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, 40 Wall street, and the United Nations Tower have collapsed, other sites remain. Including the Ziegfeld Theater. But years without humans and after water floods, the Ziegfeld Theater will play one last movie. Destruction of the Building itself. The roof collapses crushing the Theater seats. Once the roof goes the Walls soon follow.

The Ziegfeld Theater has Collapsed forever


Ziegfeld Theater before we vanish

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