The Zytglogge Tower

Zytglogge is a clock tower in the center of Bern, Switzerland. It was built in the 13th century, and has served as a guard tower, womans prison, clock tower, center of urban land and a civic memorial. It has an important cultural role, and is on the UNESCO's World Heritage list. When it was built, it served as a guard tower in Bern's defensive walls, but as the city grew, it suddenly ended in the middle of the town. It was converted to a womans prison, but in the great fire in 1405 it burned and was restored as a clock tower. The repairs of the towers was not finished until 1983. There is a gilded bell strikier and hour bell at the top. It's name, Zytglogge, means "time bell" in german. The tower may have survived fire, but does it stand a chance against the test of time?

3 Days after People: The clock in the Zytglogge runs out of tuning and stops ticking forever.

250 years after people:In the cold climate,cold winds slow down corrosion.But snow has piled on the roof of the tower.It has also damaged the connection point of the bell.Eventually,the bell falls,crashing through the tower and breaking when it hits the ground.The snow has piled up on the roof.Finally,the roof caves in,destroying the bell striker

2000 Years after People: In the cold climate of the Alpines, the stone walls of the Zytglogge endure. The cold winds slow down corosion, and the Zytglogge keeps on like put in a refrigirator.

10 000 Years after People: The columns of the Zytglogge finally give out, and the tower topples over and crashed down on the street in a heap of rubble.

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